What Workout Machine is Best for Losing Weight?

What workout machine is best for losing weight

It is the New Year and If you want to lose weight, you might want to find some home gym machines that can help you. Working out at home makes it easy to squeeze a decent workout into your busy schedule whenever it is convenient for you. It can also save money on the rising cost of gym memberships. If you have to just choose one, which machine is  the best?

1. Treadmill

My personal favourite! Treadmills are one of the most popular, and well-known pieces of gym and home fitness equipment. Almost anyone can use them and they are very effective in helping people reach their weight loss goals, as running is an amazing form of cardio.

For the best results, start slow and don’t over exert yourself. If possible, don’t holt the handles because you won’t be using your body weight properly, plus it also means that you’ll be burning fewer calories, and losing less weight.

These machines have a whole range of workout features. For example, you can change the angle of the running ramp, so it’s more like going uphill. Uphill running burns more calories as it is far more difficult. Treadmills also have a bunch of pre-set programs, to help you burn calories and track your fitness progress.

2. Stationary Bikes

There are two types of stationary bike – upright, and recumbent. You never forget how to ride a bike, which is why stationary bikes are so popular. It’s also a little bit easier than running or jogging. They’re comfortable, adjustable, and simple to use. Many brands are well-designed so it feels just like riding a bike. Most models have inbuilt programs, and you can alter the resistance, and give yourself a more intensive workout as your fitness level progresses.

3. Stair Climbers

While sometimes hard on joints or people with mobility issues, stair climbing is great for cardio exercise. You’re lifting your body, and building strength. A stair climber machine makes you do the same movements that you use when you go up a real flight of stairs.

As with other machines, they have inbuilt programs, with pre-set controls, and the ability to quickly change the speed and resistance.

4. Rowing Machines

A rowing machine works all the muscles of your body and gives you a great cardio workout with little impact. The movement you use for a rowing means that your major muscle groups have to work together, which in turn, burns plenty of calories.

Most rowing machines have built in workout programs, so you can choose if you want a low-intensity workout or a high-intensity workout by changing the resistance and other options. . You can adjust the machine settings and seat to suit your body and make it totally comfortable for you.

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